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DSX™ Four-Plate Automated ELISA Processing System

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The leading light in microplate automation.

The DSX is a fully automated 4-plate processing system capable of performing multiple assays per plate. The DSX employs a modular design that provides flexible configuration, and has been developed with ease of use in mind. The DSX incorporates many features to ensure the quality and security of results, and has the performance to handle a wide variety of assays. Simply put, the DSX offers flexible and reliable sample-in/result-out processingfor true walk-away automation.


The DSX modular design facilitates upgrades, repairs and reconfiguration.
Each module can be installed and removed quickly and easily. The following
modules are available for the DSX:
 • Reader
 • Washer
 • Incubators (space for 4)
 • SampleID
 • Ambient Drawer
 • Electronics Pod (standard)

Modularity provides:

Simple upgrades. As your needs grow, the DSX can be easily upgraded by
sliding a new module into an already existing position. The DSX software
automatically recognizes the new module.
Simple repairs. To keep your critical assays running, DYNEX offers rapid
global service turn around. You save both time and money with rapid repairs
that do not require a service technician. All it takes is:

 • Calling DYNEX for a replacement module.
 • DYNEX will ship the module by express service when possible.
 • Replacing the module in minutes.

Ease of Use

The DSX is simple to install, simple to set up and simple to
use. Installation, programming, assay set up and daily
maintenance are all designed to keep you focused on your
results, not on the instrument.
 • Installation. The DSX can be installed in less than an
 • Software. Revelation™ data analysis software offers a
   graphical user interface with intuitive Windows®
   based operation. The following advanced features
   facilitate running assays:

     • The Data Reduction Wizard simplifies
     programming even complex assay configurations
     and calculations.

     • On-line Help is available at all steps of
     setting up or programming your assays.

 • Worklist Set Up. The Worklist Load Wizard walks you
   through setting up the DSX work list, showing
   graphically where to place your reagents, samples and
   plates at the beginning of each run.


Assay Performance

Pipetting Precision. The pipette uses disposable tips to
ensure zero carry over.
Pipette precision and accuracy:

                       Precision                            Accuracy
                       (relative to SD)                  (delivered volume within 2% nominal)
Sample tip    <3%@ 10 µl                      ± 2% @ 10 µl   accuracy
Reagent tip   <3%@ 50 µl                      ± 2% @ 50 µl  accuracy

Rapid pipetting speed minimizes assay drift, ensuring
consistent results across the plate and plate to plate.

Consistent Washing. The washer module gives consistent
results and lowers overall CVs. Several user-definable
options provide significant programming flexibility:
 • Plate-specific height settings
 • Super Sweep mode aspirates liquid in both the X- and
    Y-axis of plate wells to leave minimal residual volume.
 • Well-bottom washing lowers the dispensers to "clean"
    the base of each well more vigorously.
 • Critical washer timing can mimic manual wash steps.

Environmental Control. The dark cover extends over
entire work area of the DSX, locking in place during
operation. This cover:

 • Protects samples, reagents and reactions from exposure
   to common environmental contaminants such as light,
   dust or alkaline phosphatase.
• Eliminates assay interruptions for placing or removing
   light-sensitive reagents.
• Contains any potential washer aerosols.

QC Features I Process Security

Revelation™ Software. Revelation offers powerful
QC equations that monitor daily assays. Revelation
incorporates Levey-Jennings statistical analysis, as
part of the onboard comprehensive QC monitoring
of assay performance.
LIMS Interface. The LIS-Link application is an
optional software package that can be installed on
the DSX PC. The LIS-Link application allows the
DSX to communicate with the laboratory host
computer to download pending test orders and to
upload completed assay results.
Learned error recovery. To support walk-away
automation, you can train the DSX to perform
appropriate error recovery actions if an error
condition is detected.
Cover Lock. The dark cover locks automatically
when the DSX begins to run, protecting reagents
from room light and protecting both samples and
reagents from interference.
Sample Identification. An on-board barcode
reader tracks samples and plates in process.
Alarms. "Wash buffer low" and "waste full" alarms.
Pipette Security. Fluid level sensing, tip detection,
tip-ejection and clot detection functions protect your
assay as well as the DSX robotic pipette.